Dropdeck Rolling Tarp Systems

Why Chameleon?

Engineered Design

  • Knowledgeable and innovative designs and upgrades engineered to your needs
  • Customize your Chameleon; Van doors, digital photo graphics, double lift bows, and etc.
  • Continually developing and updating our rolling tarp systems
  • Offering upgrades and retrofit guides applicable to our existing systems

Industry Leading Service

  • Largest dealer and service center network in the industry; 45 locations in North America
  • Experienced service centers facilitated with the support, tools and know-how
  • Industry-leading sales and technical support
  • Giving away safety features and upgrades free-of- charge; Standard air-deflector, LED lights, chain rack, reflective tape on tarp/door and more…

Quickest and Safest Rolling Tarps System on the Market

  • Save your time loading & unloading your cargo
  • The Safest system fully operable without putting a foot on the truck or trailer
  • Reduce downtime due to modular design allows quick and easy repairs


  • Most Economical for Palletized Loads
  • Upper Deck Section of Tarp Rolls onto Lower Deck Sections BUT Not Vice Versa.
      • Best Performance for Long Loads
      • Upper Deck Section of Tarp Rolls onto Lower Deck AND Vice Versa!

Standard Features

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Available Options

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“Very positive experience with soft-sided dropdeck trailers from Chameleon Innovations; Very helpful and supportive team; I thank you for your professionalism and reliability as a satisfied customer…”

Gary L. White, President, ALPIS Transportation

“The customer service at Chameleon is bar none, better than anyone in the business…”

Troy Tucker, Owner, Al Tucker Trailers

“Chameleon is always evolving….of all brands the pros go to Chameleon. No one stands behind their product like them…”

Randy Rupert, Pacific Truck and Trailer

“Most user-friendly system out there and great internal sales support…”

Tom Parr, Great Western Leasing

“Easy to sell, great customer service…”

Mark Cauley, Trailer specialists

“Quotes in record time never have to wait thank you Tania!”

Justin Petit, Purchasing, Western Trailer